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"He who enjoys doing, and enjoys what he has done is happy."


Company Overview

M&S Dynamic Solutions
Catering for the SOHO and SME Business.

M&S Dynamic Solutions was started by Michael and Sonja, a dedicated husband and wife team, to address the needs of small businesses in and around Pretoria.

We opened our doors for business in 1998, after recognising that our target market, being small office home office (SOHO) and small to medium (SME) companies, had specific computing requirements that they struggled to fulfill through existing IT services and solution providers. We decided to address these requirements by offering to support them on their own premises. This solved their problems of having to shop around for computer equipment, technical support and professional quality advice.

Our company has grown to be the service provider of choice to a number of smaller companies across the whole spectrum of industry sectors. While we are based in Pretoria, we also serve customers in areas such as Midrand, Johannesburg, Brits and Isando. We are now well-positioned to offer services and solutions to the mid-range market, where we know our reputation for providing an excellent level of customer care will stand us in good stead.

Having been in the computer business for 30 years, Michael has a comprehensive knowledge base on all computer related matters. Linking this with the excellent support we get from our various business partners and dealers, enables us to give you, our customer, the best advice and support for your company's computer requirements.

M&S Dynamic Solutions is also proud to have obtained both Microsoft Partner status as well as Intel's Product Integrator status.

While dealing with our customers in the computer environment, it became very clear that companies not only require computing support, but that there was also a definite need for Occupational Health and Safety (HSE) assistance. Following a very intensive course in all aspects of the Occupational Health and Safety Law and all the Regulations, we are now in a position to assist our target market in these matters as well. For a full list of our HSE services, please follow the link to our Health and Safety page.

We are proud to be associated with all our business partners, whether they are our customers or our suppliers, and we strive to maintain an honest and fruitful relationship with each and everyone.

We believe the company's success to date can be attributed to customised solutions that wrap around each client's specific needs, and a highly personalised level of service.

"Highest service levels obtained through personal interaction. We look after our customers and, in turn, they look after us."

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"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare."

  • We want to be known by all our customers as THE honest and reputable requirements solution provider.
  • We want to be the number ONE choice for all customers wishing to have a personal and on-site based service.

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  • We want to grow with our existing and future customer base while fulfilling all their computer and safety needs and solutions.
  • We want to be a "one-stop-shop" for all our customers' computer and HSE requirements.
  • We want to make our customers’ premises safe working places that they can be proud of.

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  • We inspire trust through our integrity, honesty and delivery.


  • We ensure your successes through participation and customer-focused teamwork.


  • The key to our continued growth and performance lies in close collaboration with our suppliers and their reputation for delivering state of the art technology and leading brand components and solutions.

"When things are not going your way, remember that a boat's destination is not determined by the direction of the wind, but by the boatsman's skill to set the sails for the right direction."

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