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"You need an edge to compete successfully."

  • Advice center for all computer and peripheral related problems.
  • Sales, support, upgrading and maintenance of all new and existing computer equipment and peripherals such as CD-ROMS, printers, scanners, data backup solutions and other digital products.
  • Sales of all consumable products such as new and refilled printer inks, ribbons and toner cartridges as well as optical and storage media such as blank CDs, DVDs and digital media.
  • We also have a service contract available for customers who want to consolidate their computer expenses and only want a fixed monthly rate to pay.

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"The most damaging phrase in any language is: "It's always been done that way."

  • Operating Systems sales, support and maintenance.
  • Application Software sales, support and maintenance.

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"Start doing small things in a big way and you'll become big enough
to do big things in a big way."

  • Sales, setup and support of networking solutions such as network cards, hubs, switches, routers, printers and modems.
  • Dial-up networking installation and equipment such as modems, ISDN / ADSL modems and routers.
  • Networking installations such as UTP cabling and Wireless LANs. We also have access to third party contractors for Fibre Optic cabling.

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"Every company will pay for training, whether they have their people
trained or not." - Henry Ford

  • Our on-site training allows you to schedule training on your premises, at times and a pace that suit you, your personnel and requirements best. No more trying to fit the training into the compulsory day that most other companies do, irrespective of whether you understand the material or not.
  • Training is based on an hourly rate and each module comes with a manual which can also be acquired separately.

Should you require more details on our existing or any additional services, e-mail us with your request.

"We teach what we know and reproduce what we are."

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We have access to and provide and support all major brands of computer equipment.

Additional products are available on request. Please contact us for products not on the list.

Acer's range of notebooks, LCD and CRT monitors, projectors and cameras.
Axiz memory, a complete range of DDR and flash memory products.
Your link to quality software, telecommunications, networking LAN, WAN equipment, security and storage.
Microsoft is the worldwide leader in application software products, operating systems, keyboards and mice. Together, Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Microsoft Office XP Professional offer you more than ease of use of a complete desktop solution.
A truly South African group, who focus on continued procuring, assembling, marketing, distributing and servicing of personal computers, computer components and allied products through their extensive dealer networks.
Proline's products are locally manufactured to the highest standards and from collaboration to security, high-performance Proline PC's can enrich business solutions and applications.
Rectron is the leading 'build-to-order' PC manufacturer with the widest range of hardware and software products, as well as peripheral offerings, PC and server components and consumables.
Tarsus distributes a range of products from the world's leading manufacturers, including Compaq, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Samsung, QKI, Tally APC, MGE and iGel.
3Com defines the way networks are built through superior engineering.
Adobe helps people and businesses communicate better through its world-leading digital imaging, design and document technology platforms.
Manufacturers of microprocessor, flash memory and low-power processor solutions.
AOpen range of motherboards, cases, notebooks, keyboards, mice, monitors, video cameras, DVD recorders, optical drives and other components.
A full range of uninterruptible power supply products.
Asus' range of motherboards and optical products.
Global leader in innovative storage solutions.
Canon range of printers and cameras for digital home photo printing.
Compaq has joined forces with HP and now concentrates mainly on notebooks and servers, distributed mainly under the HP name.
Duxbury Networking focuses on the distribution of "best-of-breed" communications and networking solutions.
Epson SA is a leading manufacturer of digital input and output devices.
Gigabyte range of motherboards, cases, keyboards, mice, monitors, DVD recorders, optical drives and other components.
Genius range is globally known for its excellent quality of products, ranging from computer peripherals, networking, communication to image and video products.
HP's range of notebooks, handhelds, PC's, servers, networking and storage products.
Intel's range of microprocessors, motherboards, servers and networking equipment.
Kingston memory for servers, PC's, notebooks, printers and electronic devices.
Logitech spent more than a decade researching and perfecting the cordless technology inside millions of PC devices.
Lexmark's range of inkjet, laser and dot matrix printers.
LG's monitors and optical products.
Matrox range of graphics cards.
A full range of uninterruptible power supply products.
Seagate is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of hard disc devices.
Toshiba provides a full range of notebooks and projectors.
Symantec’s top of the range products include Internet security, antivirus, data security and recovery products.
Storage devices, monitors, digital media, information and communications.
Globally known for the innovative product range and leadership in all aspects of digital products.
Full range of memory products.
Targus range of notebook carry cases and accessories.
Viewsonic's range of monitors, plasma screens.

The ownership of all trademarks and logos are acknowledged.

"The best leaders are those who practice what they preach."

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